Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Post of No Posts

Hello to any and all friends of Callum Robbins - to anyone who has ever come here to follow his (and our family's) journey with SMA. And especially to those who have supported us either materially or with words of encouragement. As Cal has gotten older and our days have filled up with more and more complex activity, I have updated this blog less and less frequently.
Knocking on wood (as ever) as I type these words: the news is all basically pretty good. Callum is now 13 years old, in the middle of Middle School, and making his way ever more rapidly toward young adulthood. Recently, it's started to concern him that there are people out there that he's never met, who know a lot of intimate details about his life. After talking it over with him, we've decided he's reached an age where it's more important to honor his ideas about his privacy than to keep this blog going. This page will remain up and perhaps at some point Cal might even want to take it over himself, or restore some of the original posts. But for the moment, all the previous posts have been reverted to drafts, and I will leave all who follow this blog with a hope for your understanding, and a heartfelt "thank you."
- J. Robbins