Friday, June 20, 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On The Floor

As in: out of the PICU and up to the recovery rooms. So, that's good news. Callum is doing great, and although he's pretty moody and surly with Janet and myself, he's "up" and chatty with the hospital staff, and discussing his case like a grown-up. Really hoping his recovery continues in this vein. He's got TV eyes at the best of times, but hospital stays are a total TV OD, despite our best efforts to insert books and conversation into the proceedings. Maybe that's why he doesn't seem especially eager to get home; where else but the hospital can he indulge his TV obsession with total freedom? One perk of his new room is that he has a clear view of the hospital's helipad, his first view of which (featuring a departing helicopter) brought a loud and sincere "wow." So that's one thing from real life that eclipses the action on the Box. But the main thing is that he seems to be doing really well. Hoping we'll be back home tomorrow or the next day. Thanks to everyone who is sending well wishes and positive vibes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Spine Time again ...

Summer is here again, and that means ... time to extend the titanium rods which were attached to Callum’s spine last year. We left the house this morning at 4:45 AM, headed down to Hopkins, and by noon Cal was out of the OR. So far the whole thing has been as mellow a scene as spinal surgery can be (but don’t forget to just roll that sentence around your brain for a bit). We were all so stressed leading up to this, but the procedure went very smoothly and now we just have to get through what Cal's specialists seem to think will be a shorter, simpler recovery time. Cal was more anxious leading up to this than he was before last year’s procedure, but overall has handled it like a champ. At age 8 he is showing an ever-greater awareness of his situation and how SMA makes his life different from that of others around him, and I don’t know which we’re more proud of: his general ability to rise above, or his forthrightness in expressing his emotions when he’s down. There’s a lot of catching up to do on this blog - apologies for that - but forgive me if I don’t go there right now. There should be time to do that this week, as Janet and I take time out from work to be here for Cal’s recovery. For the moment, we're still at Hopkins and hoping that everything continues to go smoothly.