Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Instant Summer. Sigh. It was not an easy Winter, it held on and held on and way overstayed its welcome, but we got through it and strangely none of us seems much the worse for it. Lots of colds threatening (but only once delivering) the onset of pneumonia; a brief hospital stay before Christmas; and the news that spinal surgery is now officially an urgent necessity (to correct Cal's scoliosis before it starts to threaten his lung capacity). And all of a sudden it's 80 degrees outside and swampy Maryland Summer is upon us when just last week we were burning through the firewood at a record pace. The surgery - to implant segmented metal "growing rods" which will straighten the curvature of Cal's spine - is really the thing that looms over the coming Summer months. It's scheduled for June 19, the first day of Summer vacation. If the surgery and recovery all go as well as they might, then we will have a much taller Callum, with a much straighter back, no back pain, and greatly improved respiratory function, by the time school starts up again in the Fall. In the interim, well .. Summer, yes, but we are not anticipating anything like a vacation. Meanwhile, Cal is still a fantastic kid, and every day with him is cooler than the one before. To go into specifics right now would be to never know when to end, so ,,, it's not time to start. We are still here, thought I'd write a little note to say so. Very best to anyone who's checking in.