Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heading Out!

Alright, alright, another inexcusable lapse ... but here we are again! Still! With more good intentions to post here more frequently. Big news: we are about to embark on our first true family vacation, to London England, for Callum's Granny's 70th birthday. A HUGE undertaking, the planning of which has visibly aged Janet and myself by a few years ... and I don't think we'll exhale until we are actually unpacking on the other side of the Atlantic. We couldn't be taking this trip without the sponsorship of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so we certainly owe them a shout-out, as we do to Janet's family, for rising to the occasion and helping us find a great wheelchair-friendly accommodation (and putting together an awesome birthday bash for Granny). Our plans include a trip to London Zoo (part of Cal's wish was to go there and "set the animals free" - not sure we will go all the way on this), and no small amount of chilling out in the lovely English countryside. Cal has almost no relatives - and none his age - in the USA, but he's got a ton in the UK and he's going to see them all.
I will not bitch about the difficulty of the logistics.
I will not bitch about the difficulty of the logistics.
I will not bitch about the difficulty of the logistics.
I will not bitch about the difficulty of the logistics... and I am pleased to report - and to some extent surprised to hear myself say - that the TSA has been thoroughly pleasant, kind, and professional - reassuring, even - throughout my every nervous phonecall to explain and triple-check that it's OK for us to be traveling with a 12V battery in our carry-on luggage (to power the cough-assist, should it be needed in-flight). Getting ready for this has also made me keenly aware of what an awesome resource SMAspace is. So, thanks to everyone who helped us get through the rough patches up to this point.
As for Callum, up to now: he's just got over his big Spring cold, seemingly A-Ok just in time to fly. He's been having a great time at school, which has been going better than we ever hoped in just about every way, and it looks like we're going to try doing more than one full school day per week once we're back from the UK. We are so lucky he got in to Chatsworth School; I can't think of a better situation. We all love Chatsworth and we feel so supported by everyone there ... He's going to miss some school for this trip, but we plan to Skype in with his class and he'll be doing some kind of report when we get back. He's certainly taking his first international trip at a much younger age than I did!
We are hoping Cal will contribute directly to this blog at least once or twice while we are away, so ... look out!
Very best to anyone who's still checking in -
J, J & C


sue anne said...

sounds absolutely brilliant. look forward to cal's posts.

Fordeau said...

Have a great trip you guys!! Take tons of pics and let us know all about it when you're back!!!

R&R said...

So happy to see this update! Enjoy your trip.

mlsbks said...

Thinking of you guys and hoping for the most wonderful wish trip.

Marci, Brian, Becca and Ian