Thursday, May 20, 2010


... that almost a year has passed since our last update here. And there's no good reason for it except the seeming acceleration of the time. Days turning to weeks, weeks to months, in a blur. There's barely time or energy to focus on the present or look ahead, forget about documenting any of it.
Of course the most important thing to report is that we're all still here. Callum turned 4 in January after a Winter that was thankfully notable mostly for its weather, and he's remained quite healthy despite two back-to-back, brief but scary, brushes with illness in the Spring. The past year his development has just rocketed forward. Last Halloween was the first noticeable milestone; kitted out in his Gorilla suit, he went Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood in his power chair and blew our minds by being incredibly outgoing and gregarious, smiling and literally shouting "Happy Halloween!" to everyone he saw. He didn't care about the candy at all either, it seemed like it was all about the festive atmosphere and being out with all the people in the streets. This was the kid who literally days before might burst into tears at the sound of boisterous laughter, or shut his eyes at the sight of an unfamiliar visitor. I don't know why Halloween was the turning point, but since then we have seen much more of the new sociable Callum and ever less of the wallflower.
His power-chair skills have grown exponentially, and now his travels comfortably include trips to the local library and supermarket in addition to our regular neighborhood rambles around the block. He's as willful and contrary as you'd expect from any 4-year-old, which occasionally makes these outings less fun for Janet and me (I know exactly how I must sound harping on at him about staying out of the middle of the road and watching out for cars because you can't assume they'll be watching out for you). Thanks to some incredible support from Janet's mum and my sister, we were recently able to buy a wheelchair-adapted mini-van, so that now we will be able to take Callum anywhere in his power chair. Obviously this is going to be a huge step forward for him. We've only had the van for a day or so, and so far we've only been to Trader Joe's, but (for us at least) it was a pretty big deal to see him go down the aisle by himself, calling "Excuse me, little boy coming through!"
This unfortunately has to be a short post because it's yet another late night and there's just no way to easily encapsulate the last 9 months, but I wanted to be sure that, if anyone is still paying attention, I didn't let another day go by without checking in here at least to say that all is OK.
We are thankful for every day we can say that.