Friday, October 24, 2008

Callum's favorite songs 10.24.08 - these are the songs and records that prompt repeat requests and commands to "play it very loudly:"

Bob Marley :Buffalo Soldier
Kraftwerk: The Robots
Jason Dove: Be Free
Joe Strummer: Coma Girl
Donna and Althea: Uptown Top Ranking
Elizabeth Mitchell: all of You Are My Flower
Report Suspicious Activity: Lipstick on a Pig
Lee Perry: Blackboard Jungle Dub
K.T. Tunstall: Little Favours
Kristin Hersh & Michael Stipe: Your Ghost

Last night there was a benefit for Callum here in Baltimore at the Ottobar, organized by the amazing Gordon Withers. It was such a sweet night - Ponytail came back from CMJ to play, along with soihadto, Gordon's jawbox cello quartet, 4th Grade Security Risk, Twine, and Peter Maybarduk. Gordon put together such a fun show, the vibe was so great, and the fact that everyoe brought their energy and effort together to help Callum was really profoundly affecting. Thank you everyone, and thatnk you Ottobar for providing the venue.


Bill said...

Hey, sorry we couldn't make it! So fun you have "Robots" on the list - one of Nick's faves, too, but I don't think he's ever heard as it, as I only have it on vinyl in some forlorn archival box stowed away in the basement, nestled snugly between Krackhouse and Kraken. But that doesn't stop him from reciting "WE ARE THE ROBOTS, DOOT DOOT DEET DOOT!" at the appropriately inappropriate moment.

julie said...

Mia and Sabine also love "Robots". As a matter of fact... SO DO I! Love, Julie

Steve C. said...

Coma Girl...nice. We listen to and scream to "Helicopter" by XTC on a weekly basis. "She's got to be obscene to be upheard..." that'll be worth a discussion in a few years. Good to see Callum and you two keeping at it. Cheers!

Infernal Keith said...

My little one loves that Kraftwerk song too. We showed him the German version so now he yells "VEE ARR ZIN DEE ROBATT TARR" like he earned it.