Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Thank you to everyone who got in touch to wish Cal a happy birthday.
We are so proud of our little boy. Anyone who has read anything about Type 1 SMA will know why his second birthday was so important. I think it's better not to go on about it here. Janet and I have been thinking and talking about it a lot over the past week. I think we both did a good job not letting our emotions carry us away into a headspace that would have actually taken something away from Callum's special day.
It's Tuesday morning and the house is still festooned with birthday balloons. Callum's library has grown by a third. Right now Callum is downstairs with Annette, his Infants and Toddlers PT, to whom he's finally acclimatized. She's getting him to do his best T. Rex roars and he seems to be having a blast.
His party turned out great, even though he had a total meltdown right out of the gate and had to retire to his room to get a grip. I told him, "everybody is here to wish you happy birthday," to which he replied "everybody ALL DONE," and cried his eyes out. He kept insisting to go outside even though it was freezing cold and eventually I wrapped him up and took him out for a couple of minutes. Once we were out there, he looked in the window, smiled a huge smile and said, "look at the party!" and when we were back inside, he came around and had a great time. Big credit is due to Nick Barbot for drawing him out in the way that only another kid could have. Kim brought a gluten-free, cow-dairy free, soy-free birthday cake that was actually quite tasty, and Janet and I made spinach pastries. Toni and John came up from Butcher's HIll, and Kim & Bill brought Kim's mom Suzanne along, who had never yet met Callum. And in an unexpected turn, Wino showed up with a card. Besides Callum blowing out the two candles on his cake virtually by himself, I think the highlight of the morning was Bill and Nick staging a Bionicle battle for Callum's benefit - he was totally enthralled and he kept cracking up and saying "that's silly!"


john said...

Happy belated Birthday to Callum from the Dugans!

Nicola said...

happy birthday! i don't know you i was just struck by callum's story. i have CP and i have friends with SMA. Errr...and i read pitchfork. cheers :-)

kj said...

Happy birthday to us, Cal. Mine was 1/28. Keep it up, kiddo.

g said...

Happy Birthday Cal!

the friedman's

Eric Grubbs said...

I echo the birthday wishes. And in case I've never said it before, I really appreciate you sharing Callum's progress with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Callum, J., and Janet,

I'm so happy to see Callum's 2nd birthday pictures. He is a beautiful child! I am Ryan Patterson's mom. I will share Callum's progress with my Sunday School class who saw his picture last year.
Happy, happy birthday big guy!

With Love,
Linda Dilly Miller

jay said...

happy birthday, cal! big hugs from chicago - jay & diana

joel said...

Thinking of you. My very best wishes for you and yours.

Kyle said...

That story is just so adorable it's almost painful! Happy belated b-day, Callum!

Lachlan said...

Sorry this is a late note but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLUM!!!!
From all of us in Melbourne, Australia we are so happy for you little man. It sounds like you had a fantastic day.
Lachlan, Renee and Chloe.

PS. Hope you recieved the package ok in the mail.

Doug said...

from someone who is both and admirer of J and a father of a 2 year old boy myself, i wish Callum a big happy birthday!!!!

gwadzilla said...

happy birthday cal!

bionicles rule!
and you are right
that is silly!

tessgarden said...

Happy Birthday Callum, It's Tess Scanlon-Phillips from Colorado. We spoke about 5-6 months ago about our son Cash who also had Type 1 SMA. Callum, you are a miracle and I am so happy to wish you Happy 2 years . Keep up the good fight.
We have a blog for cash too : www.teamcash.blogspot.com
Cheers, Tess