Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's been January 27th for about a half-hour. I am exhausted after a long work day, so this is a short one. Callum doesn't officially turn 2 until later this morning, but I think, given how long it's been since we put anything up here, it's a good time to at least say happy birthday. Tomorrow morning we're having a little party (very small: Kim & Bill & Nick, Toni & John, Leyan and her family would have come but they are all getting over colds ... ). Balloons and a LOT of presents for the birthday boy.
No point in getting too deep into it right now, but Cal turning 2 ... it's a pretty big deal.
He's doing great - some issues with his skin (he's got a bit of eczema around his eyes, which has to irritate the living daylights out of him - and drives us crazy too since we are trying just about everything to combat it, with only limited success) but mostly he is healthy and happy. Voracious reader, as always. We also see him getting frustrated more often, which is heartbreaking. But it's not the whole story, and he is just as good at getting out of a bad mood, getting excited and engaged, as ever.
His most quotable quote right now is "don't worry dada, I'll help you!"
As I write, I realize how much there is to take note of - all the new stuff he's doing, saying, all the things we are doing together.
More tomorrow - time to sleep now. Tomorrow is a big day.


z. barocas said...

Big day, indeed!
Happy birthday, Cal!

Love, as ever,
K. + Z.

Anonymous said...

Good to read the boy is fine. I was worrying because there had been no updates for quite a while - happy birthday Cal!
Martin, Germany

wilkos said...

seconded... happy birthday cal!

ALVenable said...

Happy Birthday!

Fertanish said...

Happy Birthday Buddy.

Jenn Fox-Thomas said...

Hello Callum -- Happy Birthday! Wishing you every wonderful thing in the universe!
-jenn thomas, kevin fox and max fox

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIG NUMBER 2! Pun intended!

From Dave, Carol, Acie, and Ransom Brown

sara said...

I'm a day late, but happy birthday Callum!

Anonymous said...

could those slippers be a little cuter!!! Happy birthday - see you all Sunday!!! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cal! You inspire so many!

Gemini II said...

What a great blog to read. Blessings to the birthday boy and his family.

I realize I am very late with this. May I suggest Eucerin for the eczema. It is the only thing that seemed to help my daughter when her eczema appears, even on the face. not steroid creams, not oils (olive, and such), nor any lotion fragrance free would help. Eucerin, did. Even around the eyes.