Saturday, November 24, 2007

We moved out of Butcher's Hill last week and out here to our new home in the suburbs. Totally exahusting; still recovering more than a week later. I hope we never have to move again. The move was absolutely necessary since Cal is due for a wheelchair within the next year or so, and our old house is the narrowest, most vertical, least wheelchair-accessible place I have ever seen - and could never be made workable from that standpoint. I'm not sure a wheelchair would even fit through the front door. So Janet got down to some very serious searching and found this place, which couldn't be more different from our first house and which will be PERFECT for Callum going forward (and, we hope, into his adulthood). Wide doorways, lots of light, a big first floor that's mostly open-plan, in a neighborhood without hills and lots of stuff within walking/rolling distance. When our final (and biggest) move day was done, and I brought Cal home from his extended visit with Toni and John, he provided the perfect good omen; I asked "Cal, do you know where you are?" and he replied with a huge grin: "my new house!" He is adjusting so well, it's almost unreal. Janet's mom is here visiting so maybe her presence is helping to ease the transition for him; hard to say, just nice that it hasn't seemed in the least traumatic.
The two biggest downsides of the move are that Toni will no longer be able to just pop next door for a visit, and that we are losing Bonnie, Cal's PT from the Baltimore City Infants and Toddlers Program. We will keep in touch with Bonnie for sure but it's hard to imagine a new PT filling her shoes as Callum's regularly scheduled therapist. We are also still searching for a park here that will be as inspiring as Patterson Park was when we lived downtown ... but everything in its time I guess.


Chris said...

I really admire you're courage.

charleston said...

Reading about Cal always brightens my day and makes me smile. Home sweet home.

Anonymous said...

Callum is simply adorable.

Anonymous said...

Conngrats, my lovely friends! Can't WAIT to see Cal's room and its funky carpet!!! :) Andy and I look forward to hanging out with you soon! xoxoxo, e

Jake said...

J. & Janet-

I am a total stranger, but have always been a big fan or your work on both sides of the soundboard. Since I read about Callum on the Desoto web site, I have tried to keep up with how he is developing. My daughter, Ella is just one month younger than Cal and reading about what Cal and you as parents have gone through/go through really made me think as a parent and hit home about how precious and fragile life really is. You three are very brave and strong people and should be an inspiration to all parents and families, not just ones with children with special needs.

Davis - Griffin said...

Hey All,
Just wanted to pass this along -
This year for Christmas our family drew names so that we would only give to one family member each. They had us write down a few things we would like to receive as options. The Heifer Project was all the rage this year but I wrote down the Callum Robbins project as one of my choices. Low and behold come Christmas, my wife's grandmother has gotten my name and my gift was card with a check for Cal in it. It choked me up it was so sweet - I showed them all the blog and then they got all choked up- It was one of the best presents I have ever received. Thanks Nanna!

wheelchair vans said...

this is so great you love your new home and the adjustment is going well for callum, it was a really great thing you did moving homes. The house sounds wonderful and everything seems to be going well. I hope it gets better and better.

God bless,