Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well, despite our best intentions on Saturday night, Callum's schedule and the Lantern Parade couldn't be made to fit with each other. We headed out for it at 8PM - about an hour past Cal's bedtime - but in true Baltimore fashion the Parade started later than advertised and with Cal fading fast, we couldn't tough it out. He did get to see a fantastic giant almost-full moon in the clear October night sky, which I know made an impression because this morning at breakfast he said "look, there - moon!"
I realize this was our first foray with him into a big crowd too, and that made us a little uneasy - every time someone walking past would cough or sniffle, we'd kind of swerve Cal to the side and wait for them to pass - but I was really proud of Janet and myself for keeping a level head overall and not letting our worries get the best of us. The nice weather is back, though a bit colder, so we've got a few more park visits in us yet. The last 2 days since the weather lifted, Cal and I have been down at the duck pond in the afternoons. I throw breadcrumbs and Cal has taken to saying "come and get it, ducks!" and "go ducks go," which, for me, beats the Lantern Parade anyway. He is so into the Duck Pond that this evening when we visited with our friends Peter and Gillian, as we got to their door I told him we were about to see some friends and he replied quizzically, "ducks?"

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall is finally upon us, and with it the chill and some very English wet weather here in Baltimore. We had such a nice little temperate Indian Summer over the past few weeks. Callum is probably not going to get out of the house much from now until next Spring - at least not without some serious bundling up. I hope it will be warm enough this Sunday to take him out to see the annual Halloween Lantern Parade in Patterson Park. Got my fingers crossed, anyway. It was bloody cold for last year's parade, and I think he was too young to appreciate it anyway, but this year I think he'd get something out of it for sure.
He had a little bit of a cold this past week, which he got over with no complications (just some frayed nerves on his parents' part). We have been suctioning and using the cough assist on a much more regular basis than ever before. Cal is a trooper about it - these things are a regular part of his discourse just as they are a regular part of his life, so now he wakes and goes to sleep saying "cough-uss? suck nose? nappy change? cuddle?" Anyway today he finally seemed really clear - the past week was just not much fun, trying to keep on top of his congestion and how he was handling his food, etc etc ... he had a lot of little short scary choking/coughing episodes at mealtimes ... but all's well that ends well, right?
We took a day trip to Dewey Beach on Moday the 15th - that was Cal's first time seeing the ocean, the weather was breezy but sunny and beautiful - despite getting sand in everything it was a great little "holiday" (another favorite word in Cal's ever-expanding repertoire). Our wonderful neurotic dog Doctor Robert came along; it was his first time seeing the ocean too and it completely blew his mind, which was really fun to experience. Dewey Beach allows dogs off leash in the off-season with a permit, so he was capering up and down the sand and spazzing out the whole time, drank salt water and looked completely confused, etc. It was great comic relief for us all and also it was great to see him really enjoying something totally new.
We also visited our friends Kim and Bill down in Silver Spring; Kim took us to a park with a handicapped-access swing. Until recently we had a swing for Cal hanging from the ceiling in the front room of our house, but we took it down in preparation for our coming move, so this was his first time swinging in over a month and he was in total heaven. He kept saying "go!' over and over again, laughing non-stop. Cal also inherited a ton of great board books from their son Nick, so we have been digging into those with great enthusiasm. There's one about astronauts that he's totally into - after only the first reading, Cal was saying "astronaut," "shuttle," "space" ... I can't help thinking zero gravity would really suit him. Maisy is a huge hit with him too. Also found some new Margaret Wise Brown books that we hadn't known about: Bunny's Noisy Book, Home for a Bunny, Sheep Don't Count Sheep ... "Rabbit's Wedding" by Garth Williams ... just got to keep reading, it's awesome how much it engages him. He's also learned some songs. He's getting pretty good at "Baa-baa Black Sheep" - even though he kind of skims over a lot of the actual words, you know that's what he's singing and he initiates it a lot of the time.
He also seems to be entering the Terrible Twos, with a fair bit of vociferous whinging and near-tantrum style behavior, which is frustrating at times, but it's always worth taking a step back and being thankful that he has this kind of energy at all.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cal's new words & phrases:
cuddle, airplane, park, "milk, book, and a-sleep," "suck nose," buttered toast, marmite, "row, row, row your boat," and of course "oh bollocks!"