Friday, September 07, 2007

We LOVE Margaret Wise Brown.
Her books are so surreal it's hard not to imagine she wrote them in some kind of benevolent drug-induced haze. I first got this suspicion from a quick scan of Little Fur Family, which for its sheer sweet weirdness is probably my favorite kids' book of all time, and I'm standing by it.
Callum is definitely down with the M.W.B. He's so psyched about his books in general, whether they're new ones or the same few standbys that he can quote from memory with a little prompting. Today was the day of "BOOK!" - a non-stop litany once we picked him up from his therapy. I was reading "Goodnight Bear" to him tonight with his bedtime bottle, and he sort of spluttered for a minute as if he had aspirated a tiny bit of rice milk, so I immediately got worried and started patting his back, and asked, "are you OK?" - to which he commandingly replied "Yeah. BOOK."

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kate c. said...

forget the spitup--keep reading. my kind of kid.