Thursday, September 13, 2007

Out here on the farm at midnight, we are getting rained on by the far leading edge of the former Hurricane Humberto. I guess this Summer has been one of unprecedented drought around here, so the rain is welcome. I myself preferred the drought, but I don't have to really live with its consequences.
There has been a cancellation at Futures Unlimited for the coming week, so we've decided to stay on a few days longer and see if this round of treatment doesn't gather a little more momentum. Callum is doing great - I went in for his afternoon session the other day to try to learn some new stuff for his home program, and in doing his therapy myself, I was amazed at how much stronger he seems, especially in his shoulders and arms. Driving him home the same day, I was stunned to look in the rear-view mirror and see him actually pick up his stuffed frog toy with both hands and lift it to his face. This toy isn't huge, maybe 4 inches square - it's a fat green frog with a little digital voice box inside that goes "ribbit" when you squeeze it - but up til now he has been playing almost exclusively with cat toys, specifically those little plastic shaky balls with the bell inside. That's about the extent of what he's seemed able to lift on his own. So for him to actually lift a stuffed toy with a battery inside - even a watch battery - from his lap to his face, is just mind-blowing.
We've picked up some cool little Playmobil toys for him too, most notably a little black plastic dog which he has named Pup-pup. This is the first toy Cal has actually given a proper name. Pup-pup, and a small pink plastic cup from which Cal dispenses imaginary tea and soup, are his perennial favorites. He has been on fire these past couple of days, in a real explosion of language and social development, and we're so happy to have this time to really revel in it.

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kate c. said...

i had a lot of catching up to do with cal. it's beautiful reading.

i took care of kids as i went to school and started my career, for about 18 years. he is hands down the most beautiful (and hilariously cute) child i've ever had the luck to lay eyes on.

i'm rooting for you guys.