Sunday, September 09, 2007

In the words of Alan Partridge, "Sunday, bloody Sunday."
Not the ideal day to visit any small Southern downtown, but it was also Callum's day off today, so for lack of a better plan we drove a half hour West, to West Point MS, birthplace of Howlin' Wolf, to see what we could find. The answer: not much. On Sunday afternoon at least, West Point makes Columbus look positively cosmopolitan. Small town America can give off a decidedly creepy vibe, and we were feeling it today even in the sunshine ... although when I asked a few locals the way to the Howlin' Wolf memorial, people were nothing but friendly. Anyway, this photo represents the ultimate fulfillment of our quest. To the victor, the spoils!
Last night was another tense one, as we thought Cal was coming down with a cold - he was really snotty and needed to be suctioned a couple of times. We put him to sleep on his side and turned him in the middle of the night when he cried out in his sleep. But even though it was a really tough night, Cal provided a break in the tension too, by calling out "oohh - book!" in his sleep when we turned him. He is clearly obsessed.
Once we were all up for the day though, he seemed really fine, his usual self.
I am not trying to be a drama queen when I say this, but the amount of "just getting on with it" in our lives is truly extraordinary.
Tomorrow it's back to therapy. Callum has been learning new words at what seems like an exponential rate, and he's enjoying his new language skills so much that he can't stop talking in what is supposed to be an atmosphere of total quiet in the therapy room. Aidan, another toddler in the program with him this time, was crying last week and Cal told him "it's OK Aidan." He's talking about Doc, and about going to the park, a lot ... apparently Susan told him "Callum, I think you talk too much," to which he replied in kind: "you talk too much!" ... Susan has said she thinks he's definitely making improvements, and we're taking that with a cautious feeling of encouragement, especially in this context of S.M.A. where we're taught that "no decline" constitutes good news.
Some more photos ...

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