Monday, September 03, 2007

Here we are again in Columbus MS ... I would say I don't know why we only ever blog from here, but it's obvious to me: this is the only place/time we get a minute to rest and reflect. Cal is sleeping in the next room, Doc is hunkered down on the bed (ours of course, not his), and we are unwinding after the 2-day drive.
Tomorrow is day one of Callum's fourth session at Futures Unlimited. We're looking forward to meeting up with everyone here again, and to Callum getting another concentrated period of Chronologically Controlled Developmental Therapy. We try to do this stuff at home as intensively and as regularly as we can, but being at home, with the demands of work, and the desire for Cal to have good experiences OTHER than therapy all day long every day, mean that this is the place where the CCDT really has a clear impact. So coming down here is always a very hopeful time for us.
Cal is chatting up a storm these days, really parroting back almost everything that he hears, and making some really cool associations. He told his O.T. Chuck "that was a big fart!" the other day (I'm pretty sure Cal was talking about his own fart in this case). Callum also has an amazing relationship with our neighbor Toni. Part of Cal's summer routine has been extended tub time on our roof deck, and Toni comes over from her roof to ours with toys and a seemingly endless supply of enthusiasm that Cal really feeds on. The communication between them is just awesome to see; Cal's face lights up when he sees her or even hears her voice.
He talks to us both almost non-stop at times, demanding our attention in no uncertain terms, and following up with a forceful flow of syllables that's often unintelligible but always full of purpose. He was like Fidel Castro in a car seat on the way down here.
His diet is the most balanced it's ever been (as far as we're concerned, since we know babies always seem to fix on whatever they actually need at a given time); all-organic, gluten-free and free of cow dairy, but very broad. Top of the menu today and every day is rice cakes with hummus, rice pasta, Amy's lentil soup, sheep yogurt, and an ever-changing hierarchy of fresh fruit ... we feel really lucky that he is so healthy for a kid with his diagnosis, and we hope his diet is playing a big part in that. It's something you can really think yourself in circles about, but we are trying not to do that.
The relationship between Callum and Doc is also deepening. "Doc" was one of the first recognizable words we heard Cal say, but now it's clear when he's calling Doc (who doesn't quite listen yet - unless Callum is holding food), or when he's trying to tell us something about Doc that he thinks we really need to know. Callum used to eat toast at breakfast, but now demands "toast!" for the sole purpose of feeding it to Doc.
OK that has to be all for now - we are going to try to write a little bit every day while we are here so ... best intentions for more tomorrow.
J, J, C

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kate c. said...

sounds like cal and i have the same diet--i'm an allergy disaster. but sheep/goat yogurt = good. and i've really gotten fond of those tree of life (?) gluten-free breads. rice-pecan, thumbs up.