Monday, March 19, 2007

Home again, face to face with regular life - 2 weeks of untouched bills and correspondence, Baltimore chill in the air ... but glad to be back. But we are going back to MS in June, it's just too good for Cal not to make it a regular thing. If you ever told me I'd spend this much time in Mississippi, I'm sure I wouldn't have believed it. I was pleased to learn this time around that Lynyrd Skynyrd's bass player lives in Columbus. It made me feel a little more at home somehow.
We finally turned Callum's car seat around, so it's a lot easier to connect with him in the car and he sees more of what we see when we're driving ... We are starting to tackle some of Cal's mealtime issues - he's a very picky eater and he definitely enjoys having control over what he will and won't eat - especially since he can't actually feed himself. He loves rice cake with extra garlicky hummous, which is fine but hardly the cornerstone of a healthy toddler's diet. So this week we are inaugurating Family Mealtimes, where we all sit around the table together and eat the same food (we are following the guidance of Janet's favorite book " Child of Mine") - it seems like a really positive step even though we still had to resort to a couple of old-school hits at dinner (goat's milk yoghurt and pureed pears) when he wouldn't go for grilled tilapia. The arrival of Cal's special chair, "the Wombat," just before we left for MS was a definite step in the right direction. The chair is awesome, totally adjustable in every dimension and it really holds him upright, supports his back and head, and stops him from losing balance (though sometimes he does pitch forward very much on purpose, which is simultaneously disconcerting and encouraging, just depends how you choose to look at it) ... anyway the chair makes for much easier mealtimes so we are cautiously optimistic for smooth sailing as we try to expand Cal's diet. The last thing he needs is to have food issues on top of everything else.
Hit book: "Brown Bear Brown Bear" by Eric Carle, which, coming from Cal, sounds a bit more like "bra bra bra bra." He requests it regularly. Hit TV: the Wonder Pets. The Elizabeth Mitchell records are still in heavy rotation, although our impromptu sung versions are starting to give the recorded versions a run for their money. Today in an inspired moment we actually sang the text of "Brown Bear Brown Bear" to the tune of "Freight Train Freight Train ..." it must have been great because Callum wouldn't let us stop singing it, awarding us his highest accolade, a matter-of-fact "again," over and over.
Next up is our Seattle trip at the end of the month, where Cal will get to meet Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, the man whose advice led us to Futures Unlimited, and the one specialist whose perspective has allowed for actual optimism about the future.
Finally: I can't talk about the new chair, or the trips to Mississippi and Seattle, without once again thanking everyone who has helped us make these things happen through benefit efforts and personal donations. We could not have done these things - certainly not so effectively and immediately - without your help.

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